Take a Sneak Peek into 'Born to Run 2'

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    Take a Sneak Peek into 'Born to Run 2' - Trail Runner Magazine
    Trail Runner Magazine
    In 2009, Born to Run sent shockwaves through the running world. ... When Karma looked into the mirror, grinning back at her was Barefoot Ted.

    Take a Sneak Peek into 'Born to Run 2' - Outside Online
    Outside Magazine
    Close: it was actually the running shoes. The first time Ted ran barefoot, his planetary axis shifted. “I was totally amazed at how enjoyable it was,” ...

    Chris McDougall talks Born to Run 2 - Runner's World
    Runner's World
    When I talked about minimalist running it was a case of, “Okay, I think this stuff works, ... Because in the book I don't run barefoot at all.

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