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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by flammee, Apr 11, 2021.

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    Well, they are great. Socks with very flexible rubber bottom. Also they have higher edges so they don't get so easily wet, like when walking on wet ground as some thin soled shoes do. Water probably won't get out, though (I haven't tested). Sole is about two millimeters thick, so they are comparable with sockwas. Skinners are not as wide as sockwas, and I can feel that toebox is a tad restricting, but so little that it doesn't irritate. First version of skinners is too narrow, and it did irritate quite a lot. It comes with insole which is quite thin but I like them better without insole. This winter I ran with sockwas and then swapped to skinners 2.0 something like 2-3 weeks ago and I can feel that my running is somehow better with skinners compared to sockwas, bit softer and don't aggravate my achilles tendons and back of heels that much. In both of my backs of heels, there's a bump that's quite tender sometimes, so I have searched for shoes that have soft or elastic heelcup/back of ankle part.. Sockwa x8 was okay, skinners are even better, as they are essentially just socks that fit well.

    They they feel quite okay without socks at zero celsius degrees when running on snow, so probably will get too warm on summer.

    Aesthetically they are quite okay.

    Currently they are being sold on indiegogo, pictures, specs, video out there..
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    Thank you, Flammee!

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