Running tights--worth the $?

Discussion in 'Gear & Footwear' started by C. Beth Run., Oct 8, 2010.

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    Haha, pass me some of that

    Haha, pass me some of that eye bleach Ram.

    And I agree with Jimmy. Somtimes it would be nice to have some pants for about the first mile, but after that I just can't stand them. I'm pretty sure the more clothing I wear the slower I run anyways. If I could get some stripper type running pants that I could just rip off I would probably use them, but its really a pain to have to stop and take pants off. And I don't do tight clothing anymore, too hot and sweaty, and too hard to take off. I guess I could get something sweat wicking, but I'd still probably want to take it off at some point, and its way easier to unzip a jacket then to peel off something skin tight from under my t-shirt (though I can take off under-armor without taking off my t-shirt, even while running. Its just a pain.)

    I actually like layers just because they're more adjustable. And by layers I mean a jacket which I can take off after the first mile. I don't care how cold it is, after one mile I could pretty much function as a space heater. I've run down in like the 20's in a t-shirt and shorts. Not barefoot though, yet, so I'll have to see how that works.
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    I definitely liked wearing

    I definitely liked wearing pants last winter. I did run in shorts recently when I was out of town and it was cold, and I didn't like my legs being so cold! Once it's in the 50s or below I think I do better with pants. BUT--I am a slow runner and I don't usually push myself a lot aerobically. So I don't think I'm working hard enough to heat myself up.

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