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    I won a pair of the Jessie sandals through the generous BRS/Xero Shoes contest, and I was so thrilled! I am barefoot almost exclusively in my day-to-day life, however sometimes footwear is required, either by conditions (which have to be pretty extreme for me) or rules. When rules insist upon shoes, I usually suffer at least some discomfort if not pain, even in the most minimal footwear. I have a birthmark on the side of one of my feet, above the arch, around the first cuneiform. It is aggravated by pressure, imbalance, even constant gentle touch at times. I wondered if the Jessie sandals might be footwear that would completely avoid this potential issue, since nothing crosses over the top or sides of the midfoot. I was so happy to get the chance to try them and find out. I haven't had much opportunity to wear them a whole lot yet, but wanted to give a preliminary review since I'm (way past) due to give my report. I plan to return with an update once I've worn the sandals more and have any further information to share.
    My initial thoughts were that the Jessie sandals look a bit odd, and yet simplistic and interesting. When I first put them on (which was simple and quick), they felt incredibly strange to me - that sensation of something wrapped around my big toe was foreign. I wasn't sure I liked it, to be honest. I walked around a bit, they felt secure despite such little holding them to the foot. They didn't feel heavy or clunky. But that feeling of something wrapped around my toe! I was skeptical but willing to see if I was able to get used to it. After having the Jessies on a short bit, I was still aware of the oddness but it was no longer "wrong", just different. I wore them to spend the day with some family members, walking about an indoor/outdoor shopping center. At some point I realized I'd completely gotten used to the toe-wrap sensation and was comfortable. I didn't note any pain in my foot, but sometimes that is delayed until after the day in footwear. That evening and the next day, no delayed pain in my birthmark. The next time I wore the sandals, the toe loop was initially a bit weird, but was acceptable within moments and forgotten about again. No issues noted with my sensitive foot during or after wear. This aspect will be interesting for me to test in the future for situations like all day wear at amusement parks and such, where I am comfortable barefoot but get achy in even the most minimalist footwear.

    Rating of 1 to 5 out of 5 stars:

    Ground Feel = 4 stars
    I personally like as little as possible between my foot and the ground, so I'd prefer these have a thinner sole, especially since they are primarily meant as a "casual" sandal. However, other people are likely quite happy with them, as the soles are only 5.5mm thick.

    Zero Drop = 5 stars
    Completely flat from toe to heel. No heel rise, no toe spring, no arch "support".

    Flexibility = 4.5 stars
    They are just a thin rubber sole with very few straps, so they are very flexible allowing the foot to bend and move. A thinner sole would make them even more flexible.

    Toe Box = 5 stars
    Being sandals, there is no "toe box", and since there is no strap that crosses over all the toes, the toes and forefoot can spread without restraint.

    Weight = 4.5 stars
    My size (women's 8) only weigh about 5oz (145g), but they could weigh even less with that thinner sole I mentioned above.

    Comfort = 5 stars
    Somewhat difficult to rate this one due to "attaching" around the big toe...the sensation is strange. However, it is not uncomfortable, just odd (to me). And something I acclimate to fairly quickly each time I put the sandals on. The toe loop is not tight nor loose, so that's great. The webbing is very soft with a little bit of stretch. The elastic heel strap is lined with faux suede to make it soft on the achilles.

    Fit = 5 stars
    Seem to fit well. Could be just a tiny bit wider at the forefoot for me personally, my outer foot/pinky toe area is close to the edge but not hanging off so it is ok. The adjustable ankle strap fits perfectly in my experience.

    Traction = 4.5 stars
    For general/casual wear, the chevron tread is suitable. I have not had any issues slipping, although I have not worn the sandals in a variety of surfaces/conditions.

    Durability = unknown
    I have not had these long enough nor worn them enough to rightfully rate this. However, the soles do carry Xero Shoes usual 5000 mile warranty.

    Performance = 5 stars
    These are simple to put on, and don't require much if any adjustment once they are on. Seem to work great for their basic intention: casual wear. Beyond that, I cannot say personally.

    Cross Training = 2-3 stars?
    Difficult to say, I have not used these sandals for more than casual walking and maybe an impromptu quick jog so far. I don't imagine I would choose these for high intensity sports with sudden changes in directions or such.

    Design = 5 stars
    Simple yet effective. And very unique.

    Aesthetics = 5 stars
    Again, they are unusual...yet cute. They look great with a variety of attire from dresses to jeans; a nice go-to pair of sandals for most occasions.
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    I'm going to add to this review that after wearing my Jessies constantly for over a year, one of the toe loops started coming unstuck from the plug under the sole. As always, Xero demonstrated excellent customer service and were kind enough to send me replacement loops.
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