Mt. Misery & Mt. Joy trail in Valley Forge National Park

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    Reviewed By: FNG-OscarMike

    Date Reviewed: 09/07/2010
    Review Type: Trail
    Barefoot Friendliness: 4 Below Average

    Valley Forge Trails
    301 Yellow Springs Road
    Phoenixville, PA
    See map: Google Maps


    These trails are unpaved, relatively difficult and very rocky. There is lose gravel and jagged rocks covering a large portion of these trails. The loop I did was about 3.75 miles and the elevation ranged from 120 - 600 ft. This trail was well beyond my barefoot ability so I hiked it in Vibram KSO's. It still was a great hike overall and I enjoyed the scenery; it was a good challenge and provided that "remote" feeling of being deep in the woods which I enjoy.

    Here is a map of the Trails
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    I very much agree with this review. The trails on Mt. Misery are especially rocky. However, I think the trails over on Mt. Joy are a little bit better, but there are still long stretches of rocky, jagged terrain. There are some trails at the base of Mt. Misery that go around the fields and area near the RC runway and the library area (near Wilson Rd.) but it is hard to make a loop that is entirely barefoot friendly.

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