mortons neuroma?

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    I've developed a sharp pain in my 4th toe joint, and surrounding area. Morton's neuroma fits the description. I'm thinking it came from my vff's I stopped wearing them awhile ago because they were hurting my forefoot by that toe. Any opinions advice out there?
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    I have MN, four neuromas, two

    I have MN, four neuromas, two in each foot. They exist between the 2nd & 3rd and 3rd & 4th metatarsals, which is typical (although most people only have one neuroma in one of those locations). Where exactly is yours? For it to be the 4th toe, it would have to be between the 3rd & 4th metty. Do you have pain at the base of the toe? Do you have pain in the ball of the foot? Do you experience numbness or tingling before the onset of pain? How intense is the pain at its worse (1 - 10)?

    I don't know that the VFFs would have caused this though. Studies show that the number one cause of MN is the types of shoes we wear. The shoes that cause MN have an enclosed toe box, too narrow toe box, and elevated heels. The narrowness of any shoe causes the metties to compress the nerves, while the elevated heels forces your weight over the ball of your foot. Put the two together and people can develop MN. The VFFs don't fit this description. If anything, they force the toes apart, unnaturally (yes, unnaturally), instead of compressing them. There could be something else going on here besides MN. Could you have a fallen metatarsal? Could you have bruised that toe? Could you be dealing with a stress fracture?

    If you get a diagnosis of MN from a doctor, please write to me, and I will send you my story. I've been through a lot with MN. My story will save you a lot of time, pain, and aggravation.

    Good luck!

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