More group runs... Where barefooting awakens interest!

Discussion in 'Barefoot & Minimalist Running' started by Visions Of Asia, Aug 21, 2018.

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    So, 4th barefoot run with the phone company's events. This time, while taking the forest shortcut from my home to the sports ground, I encountered (or rather heard) two wild boars. A bit concerned as they grunted upon seeing me, but as I continued on my path, they left me alone. Unfortunately, in Hong Kong, wild boars are not "regulated" (read "hunted"), so they are growing to becoming a pest and encroaching on human areas.

    Anyway, arrived at the race place, where I got to "try" for the umpteenth time the famous watch. My friend got injured in his last barefoot run on Saturday (achiles hurting, and ankle swelling one day later). I guess "too much, too soon". The comment of one of the race marshalls was that he "didn't know how to run", and didn't use enough his glutes to move. Interesting, as that joins what trevize often says.

    For me, I ran faster on the two last races (last one had an initial uphill run of roughly 1 km). I can see the benefits of training on the mountain near my house.

    Other runners often are curious about my running barefoot, ask me if I wear shoes at all (in general, I don't wear any shoes or slippers when going or coming from the race), tell me they tried and failed running barefoot... In short, just being there, I guess I help to promote barefoot running. I go out to run from my home totally barefoot (I guess the guards now got accustomed to seeing me).

    Overall, a good training (if short) and a good experience, where other runners do seem interested in barefooting as well. Many of the runners told me they do that to "relax" after intervals or that they tried, but never managed to really run.

    I got hurt, but that was a mishap in my condo: I really sweat too much, so my feet were drenched (as if I had been in a pool) and I slipped on the tiles of the entrance. My big toe got caught in the space between elevator and wall (ouch!). It got better within the hour and is just slightly sensitive now. General remark: some surfaces can be tough to run (or even walk) upon barefoot (slippery ones). How do you tackle these surfaces?
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    I love to read all the different barefoot/running experiences people have all over the world...with boars included.

    If I face a slippery surface, I just move slower to make sure I don't fall.
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    I find slippery surfaces (water or loose dry sand on a pavement) make more aware of not pushing off but lifting my feet and knees.
    Still practicing myself :)

    And yes, they also make me go slower.
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