Minimalist shoes for work review

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Smogz, Jun 18, 2014.

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    Vivobarefoot Bannister
    Great looking, high quality, handsewn shoes ridiculesly expensive.

    Bought them in brown. They are a bit stiff and the ground feel cold be better. However, they are wide enough for my feet and give my toes room to wiggle. I have some hope off the sole getting softer with more use. not that minimal but great looking and zero drop. Need to think about my heel strike using them.


    Merrell Radius glove

    Black slip on casual shoe with leather and suede. Feeling great, pretty good ground feel, but I think the inner sole form it's too supportive, could be flatter. Also maybe a bit too slim in the mid foot for some. Still a great casual work shoe with jeans.


    Vivobarefoot Ra

    Casual work shoe with great ground feel. Wide toe box bit a bit Donald duck feet-looking. Still looking ok with jeans and the thin sole helps me avoid heel strike. Still I think the Ra II is an improvement because the are flatter. You can see in the picture that the sole points upward in the toe area.


    Ecco Biom Lite

    Eccos try at minimalist shoes. These are also nice looking shoes, maybe more sneaker like than formal, but that's ok with me. First, these are not minimalist and not zero drop out off the box. Luckily most of the drop and cushioning is on the inner sole. So I replaced it with a thin leather inner sole and now they are really good.
    Very flexible sole, about as thin (now) as the merrells. Wide enough for my toes to move freely. And a bit unusual but nice styling.

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