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Discussion in 'Barefootedness' started by TMo, Feb 8, 2014.

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    Am I the only one here who's into bushcraft, foraging and primitive skills like fire making and stuff?

    Well, I can see it! Me living like that...

    I got much inspiration from the show because I think he's real...

    Not real like what they tell you in that fake story but real in a sense of authentic.

    I'm also spend a lot of time in the woods and I can see that he had too!

    When I was last fall barefoot in the woods my feet were freezing cold and I made me a little fire, warmed them and it was OK again...

    ...but when you just " pass through ", when you actually not really " in the woods " it's a whole other story!

    You can't see it because of all the synthetic protective layers that cut you off from the experience to be wet , cold or hungry and then dry again from your own fire! When you're warm again from a soup your cooking there, made from plants you had foraged yourself ...

    I could go on like this, but I think now you getting it...

    When I'm 62 and still can climb trees like him...everything will be alright!

    But it's a long way to go there...but a fun way and an exciting way...

    ...who's going now in the woods to forage the first green of the year! :D
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    Have you seen the episode where he walks on coals? I am not a big fan of toughening my feet, I thought that was the main thing I haven't agreed with in terms of barefooting.

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    I have not seen that episode. Does he actually say he does it just to toughen his feet?
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    I still love the show. He's a fun dude. I also love that he's so straight forward about the whole thing.
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