July Issue of EBFA is here! Foot Function & Fascial Lines: The 1st MPJ

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    Mar 5, 2010
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    Evidence Based Fitness Academy

    Dear Health & Fitness Professionals:

    We are pleased to bring you July's Issue of the GROW with EBFA® Newsletter.

    Each month, the EBFA Newsletter gives you the evidence-based education that will give you an advantage over your competition and in your client programming!

    Remember, the GROW with EBFA® Newsletter is a great way you can take EBFA's foot and barefoot education with you and share with your colleagues and clients.

    Not only is it downloadable, it is also printable and sharable!


    What is in the July Issue?

    Featured Article: Foot Function & Fascial Lines: The 1st MPJ
    EBFA News: Barefoot Training Summit in 2015 - India, Spain & USA

    Upcoming Workshops: EBFA Launches Barefoot Education in Australia October 2014
    EBFA News: Meet the Newest EBFA Master Instructors

    Featured Barefoot Training Facility: Functional Fitness USA - Boulder, CO

    Your July Issue of GROW with EBFA®
    is ready for downloading!


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    Dr. Emily Splichal

    Evidence Based Fitness Academy

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