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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Hope'sMom, Apr 4, 2012.

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    Feb 29, 2012
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    So I'm sure when Invisible Shoes started these giveaways, they were hoping that their sandals would go to someone who was out pounding hundreds of miles per month on trails and pavement, and they'd see some kind of review like "I would not have been able to win Leadville without these awesome huaraches from Invisible Shoes!!"

    Instead, they got me. I'm a lousy runner, inconsistent, and I'm only doing 10-15 miles a week when I'm actually having a good week. Life gets in my way as often as not. Still, I won these sandals in a giveaway back in March, so it's time for me to write my review.

    I typically run in VFF's, and I was really excited about getting these, because I tend to get cramps in my right arch. I thought maybe it was because of my foot muscles dealing with the constrictive material of the KSO's, and maybe sandals would help. Plus, it's just too cool to get a pair of shoes shipped in a flat little envelope.

    So I pulled them out and stared at them longingly. Then I went and watched a video on how to tie them. Several times. I felt more comfortable with toga-style tying, because the slip-on felt like the sandals would slip-off. At least with toga they feel like they're on there, by golly.

    So I took them out for a spin ... and ended up with gnarly blisters on the balls of both feet. And this has happened each time I've tried them (grand total of 3 tries). I know the experienced barefooters will tell me I'm pushing off instead of lifting my heels, but I really don't think that was the cause. I spent most of the run focusing on lifting my heels. What I think is happening is that I've got a bit of flop between my feet and the shoes, so then I have a bit of room to slide around. And since I typically run in VFF's, it's not like my soles are particularly tough.

    So here's the deal: These shoes are way more fun to run in than my VFF's. But I can't run in them for much distance without getting blisters. I think once my feet are used to them, the blisters will end and life will be happy, full of rainbows and kittens. But until then, I think I'll carry them along and just switch from VFF's to Invisible Shoes for the last mile or so. My left foot is happy with this choice. My right foot may still rebel, we'll see. But this is my plan, at least once I can run again.

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    Jan 19, 2012
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    Ive never gotten blisters. Interesting...
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    I myself concentrate on lifting whole foot, not just the heel. When I lift just the heel I get blisters as well as shin splints. Just a thought. I also notice if the sandal is too loose I get blisters. Sounds like this could be the problem for you if you have flop in them. I personally will have nothing to do with this particular brand, personal choice, but I do run in huaraches a lot and absolutely love running in them a lot. Hope you get everything figured out with them.:barefoot:

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