IMPORTANT! If you have posted in any of the chapters recently...

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    IMPORTANT! If you have posted in any of the chapters recently or created a calendar event, you might want to repost now that the emails and alerts are working in that part of the site. This is especially important for you Chapter Presidents for reaching your members. Now whenever an event is created in the calendar (which also populates a new area of your chapter), and a thread is started or replied to everyone will receive a notice of that info.

    This is what was done to the site (in a nutshell): We installed some new modules that will add much needed functionality to our Chapters (social groups) that will also interface directly with our Calendar. It may feel seamless to you all, but a lot has gone into the creation of this module (and added modules) by our developer Jonathan over the past few months. These modules will enable the BRS to continue to grow by opening communication between the chapter presidents and their members, and onlookers alike. Each chapter will be able to function as its own private social group, keeping their calendar events, notices, and communications more personalized to the group as well as continue to provide a forum feel. Very cool stuff.

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