Grand Canyon backpacking report (using three pairs of shoes + bare feet too)

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    Last month, since I was already at Grand Canyon's North Rim (for a creative writing workshop I lead there every June), I decided to take a stroll down to the Colorado River and spend the night at Phantom Ranch, a fun overnight backpacking trip I'd done several times from the South Rim.

    Of course I "knew" that it was 14 miles each way from the North Rim (twice as far as from the South Rim), but I was feeling good about the workshop and happy to have a few days to enjoy the canyon solitude.

    Long story short: to hike 28 miles in two days, in summer heat, carrying a way-too-full backpack (a sort of "rebound" pack job in response to being very cold backpacking in May) . . . well, it was a bit of a rough go the last five (steep!) miles.

    But . . . one step at a time . . . I made it, experimenting with three different kinds of minimalist shoes (Sockwas, Merrill Pipidae Wrap sandals, and my new Merrell Vapor Glove 4s) plus my own strong bare feet to carry me down and up.

    A full account--with a few photos--is posted on my blog here:

    Happy Summer Trails!


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