Foot spread after pregnancy?

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    Dec 16, 2017
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    (Note: I originally posted this in footwear/gear forum, because my need was around footwear, but of course the gear forum isn't the right place to ask about pregnancy. Sorry for the doubleposting; I didn't see a way to move my post to a different thread.)

    There's a 2011 thread speculating that because barefoot runners' feet are already 'unbound', they might not spread as much as conventionally shod women's might during pregnancy:

    Does anyone have any personal experience with this? Or any new research?

    I'm currently 3 months pregnant, have been running barefoot for 2 years, and am looking at buying expensive new technical boots for a non-running hobby (made more complicated by my now extra-gnarly feet). It'd be great to be able to guess whether I'm buying new boots for only the next few months vs the next few years, and adjust my effort/budget accordingly.

    Many thanks for any advice.


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