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    I'm a hiker and walker. Not a runner.

    I started running barefoot maybe 10 years ago, but it doesn't work for me. To much ice-fighting growel everywhere left from the winter in summer. So I never really got to the point where I could run barefoot for a longer distance. I have however kept to the idea and have lots of minimalistic shoes. And my body doesn't cope well written running so now I mainly walk. About 35 km per week.

    What I have been missing is a pair of boots, for hiking in bad terrain and for walking in the winter. I prefer natural, no Gore-Tex.

    Now I finally have found a pair.

    GEA Waldviertler Jaga Flex.

    It arrived maybe two weeks ago, I have been walking maybe 60 km in them so far. It's been cold here around -10 degrees Celsius, so I haven't been able to test waterproofness.

    It's not really a minimalistic boot, stack height wise. About 15 mm. And it's not much more flexible than a standard walking boot.

    But it's a boot without drop, and it's wide enough in the toe area to fit my splaying toes.

    The insole isn't totally flat, just a tiny bit of arch support, the small arch support is situated a little bit too far back towards the heel for my liking. But after two weeks, I don't feel it anymore when out walking. I had some problem with chafing on the heel, but the boot is slowly but surely adapting to my foot (or is it the other way?)

    The construction is pretty standard old school. Leather outlayer, and soft skin lining. Bellowed tounge to keep water out. It's possible to change outsole.

    I need a few more weeks to break them fully in. But overall I'm really happy with the purchase.

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