EBFA Article: Power lies within the transverse plane

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    Mar 5, 2010
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    FROM: Evidence Based Fitness Academy

    Power lies within the transverse plane

    We have all heard this concept at one point or another throughout our education or training career.

    From the rotational movement of the trunk to generate
    power when throwing a javelin to the torque created from supination of the foot into the external rotational power of the glutes - rotational moments are in every aspect of human movement.

    The closer we look at the fascinating human body and the fascial system, the more we can find that spirals and rotations are everything and EVERYWHERE!

    I want to take this time to explore an area of the body where rotational or spiraling properties are often under appreciated or perhaps not even know - within the human Achilles tendon.

    Click below to read the full blog article and the functional applications of understanding the tendon torsion of the Achilles.

    Read the full article!


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