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    I was the lucky winner of the BTB sunglasses giveaway 2012. I was way too excited to have won and really needed new glasses anyway. When I first went onto the BTB website to peruse the selection I was entertained by a short video of a head shaped target wearing BTB sunglasses getting shot in the face. A little thrown off by the video wondering, do many people run into situations like this, but nonetheless I was entertained and had something cool to tell others about my new shades.

    I really struggled choosing which pair I wanted to try out and spent a lot of time on the website. One option on the site that was helpful was being able to look through sunglasses that can be sorted by activity such as, running, golf, biking, and winter sports. The website only provides head size guidelines, I think it would have been nice to see them on a face also. I first chose the BTB 200 Polarized $49.95 but found out that they were completely sold out of all their polarized sunglasses. This really bummed me out but I stuck with the same series and chose the crystal brown frame with the HD brown lens $39.95.

    My first impression of the sunglasses out of the box was these looked just like the website but had a lot more non slip "stuff" on the temple and earpiece areas that I didn't notice from the website pics. The sunglasses fit perfect, not too tight and not too loose. I really liked how they looked on me and how they felt.

    I have been wearing them now for about a month and have been happy with them. I have worn them running, biking, on the atv, golfing, and doing everyday tasks. They stay where I need them to stay and they are comfortable and lightweight. I wish the lenses were polarized though. I have caught myself squinting on occasion (rare) and in comparison to my polarized pair; the BTB HD brown lens dulls color more than enhances it. Again, I have been very happy with my BTB's and actually plan on ordering the polarized pair in the same frame because they are so comfortable and inexpensive.

    I would recommend these sunglasses for anyone with a small/medium head without really long eye lashes (my husband’s lashes brushed the lenses when he tried them on) and who might be looking for an athletic feeling sunglasses without looking too athletic (I picture wrap arounds when I think athletic). They are definitly worth the $40-50 dollars especially when compared with other higher priced sunglasses. I would give them a 4.5 out of 5 stars for fit, performance, price, and look.

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