Bright Angel Trail

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    Grand Canyon
    Village Loop Drive
    Grand Canyon Village, AZ
    See map: Google Maps


    The Bright Angel Trailhead is located right by the Bright Angel Lodge in Grand Canyon Village. As you begin your descent, you will be in nice soft dirt and that is muddy in some places most likely due to mule urine. The trail winds down to Indian Gardens (mile 4.6). Here you can hop onto Plateau Point Trail and hike the 1.5 miles to this beautiful lookout or continue on the Bright Angel to the Colorado River (mile 7.7). So far your feet should be in great condition as this trail is about as soft as can be. On the way to the river there is quite a bit of sand and easy dirt but once you pass it and start heading to Phantom Ranch (mile 9.8 ) it gets a bit more rocky. This is where heat might be getting to you more that anything else. I recommend starting this one early in the morning. Also, keep in mind the return trip is steep so just that may put extra stress on the feet, especially the last switchbacks. Overall a very enjoyable trail with beautiful views all the way but it is the Grand Canyon so you should expect nothing less.

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