Barefooting above the abyss: back to suicide cliff

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    Roughly one year ago, I decided to start my barefoot hiking life with a strong target: suicide cliff in Hong Kong. Based on Kowloon peak, this climb is one of the most demanding physically, because of the steep incline and the rock scramble it demands.

    One year later, I returned to suicide cliff, always barefoot, but this time with a gopro camera, to show you what it really is climbing up there.

    While this route is (relatively!) safe, in the past few weeks, several hikers were either rescued by helicopter, or went missing on the other side of the cliff.
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    I love these videos. GoPro provides an excellent vantage point that we don't have just reading about it or watching it from an onlooker's point-of-view, especially those really steep steps. Watch out there! You barefooters get to enjoy the hike not only with your eyes like others but with your feet. You get to feel the hike. Thanks for sharing, Asia!

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