Barefoot Walk & Free Music Festival - Wollaton Park, Nottingham

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    Barefoot Walk & Free Music Festival - Wollaton Park, Nottingham
    By Paul Beales

    Despite severe reservations, I did attend this event last Sunday.


    I have to say that I was impressed by the organisation and the turnout of around 500 barefoot walkers!



    It was a real shame that its intentions, though so admirably well-intended, were just a little bit misguided, and the event really didn't do enough to encourage people to go barefoot more often :(

    There was a small number of habitual barefooters and a couple of barefoot/minimalist runners that I met there, and I did manage to slip a few people a BRS business card that I had printed, but it was really sad to see how many of the walkers were straight back into their shoes at the end of the walk.

    It was a lovely sunny day in a very lovely park. If anyone is in the Nottingham area, check it out for somewhere to run.


    My son loved running at the front of the walk with his new friend. If you look closely at this photo you will see that they actually got Army Cadets to sweep the gravel path ahead of the walkers!


    There really was no need and it was good to see that at least some novice barefooters were having a go :)



    Anyway, I can't deny that it was a really enjoyable day and everyone had fun ....


    The event was in aid of five charities who will receive equal shares of the proceeds:

    Shoe Aid (Yes I know - I've heard it all already)
    British Heart Foundation (my favourite charity!)
    Rainbows Hospice for Children
    Double Impact (Drug & Alcohol Abuse)

    I will follow up on this post when I find out how much was raised.

    Now I just need to work out how to get this size of turnout for IBRD 2015!

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