Barefoot Autism Challenge 2021 Is Underway!

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    Barefoot Autism Challenge 2021 Is Underway!
    By Tyler Leech

    The Barefoot Autism Challenge is here! Many people who are autistic prefer being barefoot because they feel like they are not constricted by shoes and socks, and they feel aware of all that’s around them.

    To take part in this year's BAC, all you have to do is post a picture or video of your walking barefoot and then share why you advocate for someone who is autistic. And if you don't know, your post will show others that you support those who are autistic.

    This year we're doing themed weekly challenges and you can be eligible to win a Barefoot Autism Challenge decal! Each week will have different rules on how to win. Remember to use #barefootautismchallenge when doing your posts.

    Check out these weekly challenges!
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