Barefoot Autism Challenge 2020

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    So I was thinking about it and we're doing a themed version of the Barefoot Autism Challenge. Different days in April will have fun activities for the Barefoot Autism Challenge. But one thing hasn't changed: Still in April, still use #barefootautismchallenge, and still in the month of April. This list shows what we discussed.

    April Holiday Ideas
    • April 2nd- Blue and Barefoot Day
    • April 3rd- Walk to Work Day
    • Easter- Barefoot Egg Hunt or pick up eggs barefoot
    • Earth Day- Barefoot Nature Walk
    • Arbor Day- Plant a Tree or Climb a Tree Barefoot
    Countdown to Barefoot Autism Challenge
    • Beginning about 10 days out (after Spring Break)
    • Do a countdown of the day until challenge starts with ideas
    • Encourage others to share barefoot spring break photos
    Other Ideas
    • Barefoot In a New Place
    • Weekend Barefoot Activities- Cross Fit, yoga, sports activities
    • Barefoot Spirit Day- barefoot on your school campus, school colors, team colors on toenails or entire foot with body paint
    • Barefoot Texture Challenge
    • Mindfulness
    • Work/Play/Rest Montage
    • Meme Contest
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