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    We all evolved from barefoot runners, so is it time to ditch the shoes and go back to basics? Read on to find out...

    Words Ben Williamson,
    UK Barefoot Runners Society president

    Before trail running was a sport, it was a matter of survival. The ability to chase down prey, or escape a predator, was essential to the success of our species. Natural selection favoured variations that improved pace, endurance and recovery; because the faster, further and more frequently our forebears could run, the more likely they’d catch their dinner. And not end up as it!

    For the majority of us runners today, the stakes aren’t quite so high. A sense of achievement, a personal best time, or a podium place perhaps – but we still make full use of the fantastic physical inheritance our ancestors left us. Or do we? There’s a crucial difference between the running we’ve evolved from and the way most of us do it today – and it centres around our footwear. To continue reading, please see the attached PDF.

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