13.1 Los Angeles Half Marathon

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    Apr 3, 2012
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    Reviewed By: Barefoot Derek
    Date Reviewed: 01/16/2011
    Review Type: Race
    Barefoot Friendliness: 4 Below Average
    Los Angeles
    Venice Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA
    See map: Google Maps
    This was my first race barefoot, but I had been running barefoot consistently for a year and perhaps half of the time for a year before that. It was also my longest distance barefoot.

    The race started off on the Venice boardwalk so it was extremely barefoot-friendly for the first mile because it was just concrete (#9). As the course turned onto Venice Blvd, it became much rougher going with the course ranging usually from 3 to 5 at best. I would say that at least 25% of the course was a 3 and 60% was a 4. However the conditions were not totally awful as I know that there were others who did the race barefoot and seemed in better shape afterward than I was. I just know that it was much rougher than I had anticipated, and the roads were in much worse shape than a lot of other roads in southern California.

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