Mosquitoes and Wolves

Blog entry posted by jldeleon, Jul 3, 2012.

So I have this new favorite trail. I like the incline/decline pattern of it better than my previous favorite trail. And the section I run is 7 miles round-trip, which is perfect for where I'm at mileage-wise. So my husband dropped me off at this trail last week cuz he needed our (shared) car. I realized after he left that I forgot to put mosquito repellant on. Mosquitoes love me. If I stand still they will drain all of my blood in less than 5 minutes. Since I was going to get done before my husband got back, I realized I was going to have to keep running till he got back. So when I got to my normal stopping point I kept running. I was about half a mile into the new section when I heard "them". The wild angry animals. About half a mile up ahead I heard at least 3 dogs barking. They all had the same voice. They sounded very angry. I decided they were wolves. I turned around and SPRINTED AN ENTIRE MILE UPHILL. It's amazing what adrenaline will do for you! I ran into 3 ladies with 2 dogs heading toward "them", and I told them about what I had heard. I was more wet than dry by this point and trying to get air into my burning lungs and I had my shirt tied around my head to keep the sweat out of my eyes and looked more freakish than normal. I could not believe I had ran that fast, I had no idea I was capable of it. However, the next couple days my heels and achilles tendon were a bit aggravated. And it created a couple of nasty trigger points. Later I found out that wolves don't live in this part of Oregon. My friend suggested they were feral Rotweillers. I'm so gullible. Next time I'm on that trail, I'm carrying my pepper spray with me. So I had an extra long and fast run that day thanks to mosquitoes and "wolves". Hah!