Famous Potato HM 5/17

Blog entry posted by PB Junkie, Jun 6, 2014.

This race starts at 0700 and you have to catch a bus to the start as its a point to point race. I left my house about 0440. I got to the parking area about 0530 or so. Get out of my car and hear someone yelling my name. Cool, I have some running buddies to ride the bus with. Get to the race start and its chilly. Fortunately, I brought a jacket and drop bag. I think a lot of folks were wishing they had done the same. I saw a guy that would run the marathon in a speedo and a sombrero. He was really cold at the start. Got my number, had my boiled eggs about 50 minutes prior to start. Dropped my jacket and bag about 15 minutes before start time. It turned out to be 25 minutes prior to start as they delayed the start about 10 minutes because of so many people in the bathroom lines.

Just before we started, we all sang the Star Spangled Banner. I thought that was pretty cool. And we're off! Shuffled along for a bit, crossed the start and was able to slowly jog along until everyone spread out. It was a beautiful morning with great scenery along the river. At about the 3 mile mark, I hear a ping on the pavement, look down and see the lady just in front of me dropped her car key. She had earphones on and couldn't hear it. I grabbed it and gave it to her. She was a marathoner and very grateful to see her key.

At about 3.5 miles, a marathoner was running along side me. He came up from Arizona for the race as he's doing a marathon in all 50 states. Idaho was number 28 for him. We chatted about the local area and sites to see until a little after mile 5. He slowed for a drink then and I never saw him again.

A little after mile 5, we turned left to get on the Boise Greenbelt System. Someone had a sign that said "Good Job Random Stranger." I said thanks, random observer! And on I went. Even though it was cheesy, we all chuckled.

I should mention there were three very inspiring things I saw. Before we started, there was a wheelchair racer that had his left arm amputated at the elbow. He had a pad on the stump and used it to push the left wheel. Later I saw two guys that were taking turns pushing a full grown man in what looked like a big jogging stroller. Later I saw a marathoner pushing a full grown man in a jogging stroller too.

So I'm hitting mile 6 and feeling pretty good. At one point I could feel myself slow a little. I got to mile 7 without a problem. I figured I'd eat some of the sweet potato/apple baby food I brought around mile 8. Right about mile 8 was a powergel stop. They must have had every flavor they made out there. After that I had my baby food. Right after this was in direct sunlight. We had been pretty well shaded for most of the race. It didn't take long to get warm since we were running on the road. But it didn't last too long and we got back on the greenbelt again.

Before I knew it, we were at mile 10. I was feeling pretty good. Once I hit 11 miles, I started thinking about pushing my pace a little. At one point my hip was a little sore but increasing my turnover a little helped. Alright, 12 miles. One more. I picked it up a little and kept waiting for it to be a struggle. It never happened. We turned into the park with a little over 1/4 mile left. I was feeling good and encouraged by all the spectators. I picked it up a little and beat my expected time by about a minute. When I crossed the finish line, I was immediately handed a water bottle and medal.

I walked into the park and picked up my drop bag. I had a water bottle with protein powder in it and added some water. When I finished that, I picked up my shirt and grabbed some food. Whole foods had a booth with bananas and watermelon. I got some banana and headed to the food tent. They had 1/2 a baked potato and bagels. I had a baked potato with butter (real butter!). Right after I ate, Spuddy Buddy came around (see picture). Got my picture taken and then headed home.

Great weather, a good, strong race for me and my picture with Spuddy Buddy! A great day!

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