Dad learns a lesson from his kids

Blog entry posted by TD Moose, Jun 29, 2013.

This is not a running story, but it is one that illustrates the odd and often hypocritical reactions that some have towards bare feet.

I often ride my commuter bike with bare feet. The pedals are wide and flat and covered with a thin layer of rubber. One day, I was riding on a bike trail in south Minneapolis. I passed a family of four, and as I was pedaling ahead of them, I heard the dad comment on my lack of footwear. He seemed to be talking loud enough for my benefit.

Dad: (In loud, authoritative DAD voice) That does not look very safe to me.
Boy: What's not safe?
Dad: Riding a bike without any shoes on. That's just not safe.
Girl: At least he's wearing a helmet. (pause) Why aren't you wearing a helmet, daddy?

My temptation to say anything evaporated as soon as the girl spoke. What could I add to that? Anything I might have said would have spoiled her beautifully timed and delivered message.
TD Moose

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