Barefoot Running SURVEY!

Blog entry posted by PeteMorton, Aug 31, 2016.

Hi, all members of the amazing Barefoot Runners Society!
"Shoes do no more for the foot than a hat does for the brain" - Dr Mercer Rang, legendary podiatrist and orthopedic surgeon.
I aim to qualify this statement by researching the benefits of barefoot running - I am a runner and it has worked wonders for me. All I hope to do is improve this amazing sport for everyone.
So, your responses to a short 5 minute survey would be absolutely invaluable to my research.
Simply click on the link - and then go and enjoy your run!

All the best,
Peter Morton

p.s. If you know anyone else who is a barefoot (or minimalist) runner, please forward this link to them! I'll publish the results on here if I get over 50 responses... :)

About the Author

I'm currently engaging in some extensive research for a project on the benefits of barefoot running - all I hope to achieve is to deny shoe companies a lot of future sales.