12th barefoot running animation in Paris, April 8 2012 - the video (in French)

Blog entry posted by Christian Barefooteur, Apr 11, 2012.

I thought I'd share a quick video I've just posted that shows the hardy participants who attended my 12th barefoot running animation here in Paris, France. I guess these guys just aren't into easter bunnies that much...

Previous events (before it got cold) attracted up to thirty runners, and the amount of interest in barefoot running is sky-rocketing here in France. Typically I'll do a couple of laps around a rubberized track (as seen in the video) to warm up everyone's feet, and show the neophyptes that its easy to run barefoot, then I split folks up in groups by level and ability, both shod and unshod. From there its laps around the park, and (my favorite) a long barefoot run in surrounding parks and cities.

This time, we covered a total of 17K in about 90 minutes, and one of the attendees (all experienced runners) ran the whole dang thing, barefoot, including some pretty gnarly stuff and a bunch of vertical gain. I, as always, ran barefoot, because - well - that's what's expected of the president of the French section of BRS ;-)

So here goes - pretty self explanatory...

There are a bunch of other videos on my YouTube channel, Courirpiedsnus, including stuff on making huarache sandals and doing trail runs with them.


Christian "Barefooteur"