Malibu’s ‘barefoot runner’ is fondly remembered

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    NT Alberto Perusset: Among many other things, Malibu Half Marathon and 5K co-founder Alberto Perusset was known for staying at the finish line and handing out medals to finishers. Photo by Erica Segel.

    Malibu’s ‘barefoot runner’ is fondly remembered
    By Judy Abel for The Malibu Times

    Alberto Perusset was known as Malibu’s “barefoot runner,” but he was so much more.

    The co-founder of the Malibu Half Marathon and 5K, who passed away unexpectedly in December, was remembered with a celebration of life at Zuma Beach recently. His loss has left a gaping hole in the running community he mentored.

    Perusset arrived in the U.S. from Argentina in 1988. He had been a professional scuba diver and an endurance athlete. His achievements were vast. Before the age of 20 he accomplished a 19-hour swim between Uruguay and Buenos Aires. By the time he got to Malibu 20 years ago he became the community’s running “ambassador.” Since completing his first marathon in Los Angeles in 2004, Perusset quickly took to the sport. He finished 253 full marathons — that’s 26.2 miles each — and 214 of those marathons were run barefoot, establishing a world record. He also ran 60-some odd half marathons and 5K/10K races.

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    Malibu's 'barefoot runner' is fondly remembered
    Malibu Times
    He also ran 60-some odd half marathons and 5K/10K races. Along the way he learned a lot about running and life and passed that wisdom on to others. In ...

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