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Join Rae Heim as she completes Rae's Run across America .. barefoot (mostly)
By Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton

Soles 4 Souls is planning a big celebration at the end of Rae’s Run across America at the Manhattan Beach Pier on Wednesday morning starting at 10:00 AM. There will be lots of cool, and very important people at this event (I can’t even tell you all who will be there because some of them are a secret … shhh!)

Rae Running across America is a HUGE deal for barefoot runners. She has run most of the way barefoot, she will be the youngest person ever (not just barefoot) to run across America. She may be the first person to run barefoot across America. And she's also a female running solo! (no support team...
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100 Miles in 9 Months: The Journey of a Reluctant Barefoot Runner
By Robert Knowles
Guinness Record Holder -- Twice! -TJ

In June of this year I fulfilled a 9-month obsession to run over 100 miles non-stop in bare feet in 24 hours. A description of this 24-hour run really can't be separated from the events that went before it, so I'll begin at the beginning...

Background and Philosophy

For the record, I was not born to run barefoot. As a child I enjoyed lush carpets and chunky training shoes. As an adult arriving in Australia from the UK 5 years ago, I would avoid removing my shoes on the beach in all but the softest sand, and only because the sand risked getting in my shoes....
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Happy Birthday Barefoot Runners Society!!!!
You are 3 years old today!

Please take some time to reflect on what this past year has been like for you (at the BRS, with your running, the friendships you've developed through the BRS, etc.), and let us know what the BRS means to you.

I will go first. The BRS means a lot to me, only because it means so much to you all. I wouldn't do this day in and day out if I didn't know I was helping others to find a healthier way to run, and therefore, a healthier way to live.

We had one or two bumps in the road this past year but nothing we couldn't handle, right? We went through a period of much needed cleansing and came out better and stronger...
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Secret to Increasing Ankle Stability? Plantar Feedback
By Dr. Emily Splichal

Greetings from Asia! This week’s post I wanted to share a topic that is of great interest to me– barefoot training for ankle instability.
Every month I like to check out the newest issues of my favorite exercise science, sports medicine and Podiatry journals. During my reading, I came across an interesting article on the chronic ankle instability and plantar cutaneous feedback.

Chronic Ankle Instability
Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in the physically active – and one of the most common foot & ankle related injuries treated in an emergency room setting. It is estimated that up to 70% of individuals who experienced an ankle sprain have residual symptoms including instability or recurrent...