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We've received lots of great designs for you to choose from, so please pick your ultimate, favorite 2013 IBRD Tee Shirt from the choices below.

After the winner has been determined, the winning design will appear in our store where you can make your purchase (www.zazzle.com/barefootrunnerssoc). They have micro tech shirts too! Remember, your purchase will go to fund your club!

These are the OFFICIAL 2013 IBRD™ tee shirts and will be worn all over the world!
This contest will run until Thursday, February 28!
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Squat for lengthening the Achilles, PF, and calf muscles for better barefoot running (with video)
By Angela Hotz, a.k.a. Barefoot Angie Bee

This is a movement that can be done any time of day. Its how you see people hanging out waiting for a bus or eating a bowl of something yummy in another country. Here in the US we don't ever squat. We sit and get all tight and shortened up. The squat will lengthen the Achilles, Plantar Fascia, and calf muscles.

My spawn can sit like this all day. When they are doing something they are often found squatting atop a chair instead of sitting. We should take notes from the way they move!

Summer time is the perfect time to kick off those high heels, running shoes included, and experience the ground...
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Avoid An Ankle Sprain: Choose Your Shoes Carefully
By Dr. Michael Nirenberg, DPM

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injury that occurs when walking. In the United States 23,000 people endure a sprained ankle each day. I teach the proper techniques of walking to lessen ankle injuries all the time, but today I’m going to approach the subject from another angle: Your choice in footwear.

Can those well-cushioned running shoes be putting you at a greater risk for an ankle sprain?

I realize this position might go against the common mode of thought that the more shoe under you the better, but after years of treating patients with sprained and fractured ankles, I have to conclude that it’s true.

Elevation is the Ankle’s #1...