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Fastest Barefoot Runner in America: Jeremy Johnson
Shared with permission from the Natural Running Center
Jeremy Johnson, a three-time All-American and two-time USA national XC team member, received his Masters of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2007 and 2008, he was University of New Mexico’s Male Track and
 Field Athlete of the Year. His PRs are impressive: 13:35.13 for 5,000m (2010); 28:33.08 for 10,000m (2008). Academically, his post-graduate research involved computational fluid mechanics. Perhaps that kind of deep-thought immersion in the world of empirical testing and observations led him to finally question the nature of running shoes. In other words, are they really necessary for all runners, or all the time?...
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Yiriba Orphanage’s Jog-A-Thon
A simple way to make a HUGE impact!


Last year, the Barefoot Runners Society, along with many other groups and runners, helped the Yiriba Orphanage with their Jog-A-Thon fundraiser to purchase school supplies. The event was a total success. They were able to raise over $3,500! People ran in 6 continents, 19 countries, 130 cities, 10 national parks, 10 beaches, 5 lakes, 2 islands, and on the Alps of France!

This year, Yiriba is asking for our help again. They are organizing another Jog-A-Thon to open a new orphanage in...
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Run Strong Run Free: An Introduction to the science and art of barefoot running
Authors: Anna Toombs and David Robinson

Experienced barefoot runners and movement therapists, Anna Toombs and David Robinson, have written a book about barefoot running.

Run Strong Run Free: An Introduction to the science and art of barefoot running is a ‘why’ and ‘how’ book of running barefoot; why it works from both a physical and mental perspective and how to start and progress safely to achieve optimum running mechanics and enjoyment through moving your body without restriction.

The book begins (after a foreword kindly written by Professor Daniel Howell) with some basic anatomy and talks you through the human body as an interconnected structure. There’s a separate chapter on breathing for...
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Buntekuh 5.3km Fun Run
By Footsie

I was nervous leaving work late - would I make it in time for the race or not? I had all my stuff with me: not having to carry running shoes really makes packing for events much easier. Still, I was jittery and keept checking my watch every time the train got delayed.​

My new Invisible Shoes were making the soles of my feet sweat, which I noticed was softening the plantar skin - not good. I took them off on the train and hoped the walk to the race would dry them out in time.​

On arrival, the kid's 1.9km race was getting ready to start. I had 30 minutes to the gun. I got changed and warmed up.​