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Winter Barefoot Running – Is it for You?
By Barefoot Rick Roeber

Winter barefoot running. Just the name evokes absurdity and foolishness in some people’s minds. For those who might not immediately dismiss it as insanity, there might come the question “Why?” Well, in response to that I say, “Why not?” Some people can’t understand why people climb mountains or why others jump out of perfectly good airplanes. Most of the time I simply tell people who ask me “Why,” is “Because I can.” Most choose not to do so, for whatever reason, which is fine with me. I like doing things no one else chooses to do.
For those of you who fall into this select minority of runners who choose to defy convention, then you’re probably still reading this and would like to find out more regarding cold...
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What Do You Mean “Listen To Your Body?”
By Jason Robillard

Go to any barefoot running forum and you’ll see people giving advice to “listen to your body.” It may be the most common phrase uttered by barefoot runners. Pretty much any barefoot runner that’s run at least a few hundred miles immediately understands the meaning. It’s a confusing phrase to the uninitiated, though.

What exactly DO we mean by “listen to your body?” And is this really good advice? Wouldn’t it be easier to teach running gait using words, pictures, or videos? Is “listen to your body” just crappy advice given by lazy teachers that don’t want to meddle in the science of running?

As it turns out, “listening to your body” (LTYB) is advice that can be easily explained using one of my favorite topics- psychology! To continue reading, please visit:...
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Shin Splints – Self Help Tips, Treatment and Prevention
From The Barefoot Running Doctor at Team Doctors
By Dr. James Stoxen, DC

In this article is everything you ever wanted to know about shin splints and more!

You may not rush off to your family chiropractor or alternative medical center for this but I have found that conservative treatment at our chiropractic center with an integrative medical approach works.

Shin splints are one of the most common causes of overuse leg injuries are also known as medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), soleus syndrome, tibial stress syndrome, periostitis, exercise induced leg pain and chronic exertional compartment syndrome. (1)

Some say shinsplints when...
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Evidence-Based Exercise: Short Foot
Dr. Emily Splichal

When we consider the role of intrinsic foot strength two important functions come to mind:

1. Dissipation of ground reaction forces
2. Support of the medial longitudinal arch

Both of which are key to optimal foot mechanics and lower extremity kinematics!

As the minimalist movement continues to gain momentum, this type of foot wear and training must still be augmented with some foot-specific exercises. Certainly there may be decreased ground reaction forces (GRFs) if we alter our running mechanics or foot strike patterns - but no type of closed chain movement is free of all GRFs!

So what can we do?

We can start by integrating exercises that specifically strengthen our foot intrinsics and create a foundation of proper plantar foot strength.

Various "intrinsic" foot...