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The Sock Doc Training Principles: Become a Strong, Fast, Efficient, Injury-Free Athlete
By Stephen "Sock Doc" Gangemi

This is Sock Doc’s Mega-Post on Training Principles. It’s divided up into 5 parts, all relating to each other at various levels. I hope you enjoy them and learn a thing or two. Please post any comments or questions here on this post, as the articles themselves do not allow for comments.

Sock Doc Training Part I: Aerobic Activity Is the Foundation to Your Health AND Fitness
  • What exactly is “cardio” exercise?
  • Aerobic activity will benefit everybody – it is NOT “chronic cardio”
  • Understand the difference between aerobic and anaerobic and their...
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Dr. Stoxen, why do you run barefoot and strive for your patients to run barefoot?
By Dr. James Stoxen, DC
Dr. Stoxen, How Did You Discover the Human Spring Model and Why Do You Run Barefoot?

When I first opened my practice, I wanted to be able to heal people and, at the same time, train sports champions.

I went on a personal and professional mission not to only build a complete knowledge of the human body – the way we move and why – but to uncover the secrets of elite...
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Canton, Ohio Marathon
By fredvp71, Now.k.a., "Barefoot Fred"

Hello BRS! Just a quick race report on a barefoot marathon (my first) I completed on Sunday, June 17 in Canton, Ohio. I will keep it brief, but feel free to comment or message me for more details if wanted.

Some people on this site are amazing runners and complete barefoot marathons 6 months after first starting. I have had a much slower process - my first year, I ran a 5K barefoot (and was badly injured from running in freezing temperatures). The second year, I was happy to finish a 10K. Last year, wait for it, a half marathon, and this year a full marathon!

This marathon was the first in Canton but was...
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Ann Arbor Marathon
By John "stjohnthegambler" Yohe

I wish I could say I have a home town advantage today for the Ann Arbor Marathon, but the only advantage I really have is knowing where to park. Still, I’m happy to be here, though a little sad because this is my last race in Michigan. I’m glad to leave on a high note like this.

I guess I feel more confident going into this, knowing that I’ve run most of the route at some point in my three years in Ann Arbor, so that I know I’ll be able to run this barefoot with no problem, despite my not being in the shape I’d like, and not having my 100% summer hobbit feet.

The race starts outside The Big House, the U of M Stadium, and will end here on the fifty yard line, which will rock. In the meantime, we’ll be running all over Ann Arbor. This isn’t a loop course, there’s a lot of ‘out and back’....