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    I am the lucky winner of the June 2021 BRS Xero Shoes Give Away Contest.
    I decided to chose the Excursion Fusion model.

    Customer Service: Perfect as I rapidly got information on how to track the Parcel and were to as if any problem occurred.
    Sizing: I found on the Xero Shoes website the recommendation of adding +0.5 to my regular size and this worked perfectly.
    Comfort: The foot feels very well inside the shoe. Plenty of room for the toes but not too much and the ankle is well sustained .
    Ground feel: The ground feel is not as sensitive than on the Mesa Trails, certainly because of a thicker sole but it is still some ground feeling, compared to zero ground feeling on standard hiking shoes. The zero drop is there and helps as it usually does on zero drop shoes.
    Waterproof and traction: Waterproof is perfect. I walked on wet grass for a long time and kept my feet dry which is not always the case with waterproof hiking boots.However, the breathability is not high and you can get some moisture inside the shoe when using it during hot weather days. Traction is OK but because the sole is stiffer than on the Mesa Trail the feeling is a little bit different and it seems to me that the Xcursion has less traction than the Mesa Trail. I haven't tried yet during cold weather or snow but I feel the Xcursion Fusion will be perfection these conditions.
    Design and Aesthetics: One of the reasons I choose this model is for the nice design and cool aesthetics

    Overall: An extremely nice waterproof zero drop hiking boot, perfect for rain, wet gras and cold weather. I am now missing a more breathable hiking boot for hiking during hot weather.
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