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    I was the lucky winner of the June (2022) contest. I can't run anymore, due to degenerative menisci, but do walk about three miles a day. Spring, summer, and fall, this is usually done barefoot. In the winter, I use the excellent Whitin Aqua Socks, which are about as close to barefoot as you can get, and cheaper and warmer than Sockwas, which are also excellent. When the foot police are on duty while shopping or during other public activities in the fairer months, I usually don Diesel flip flops, and in the colder months and for casual wear, my go-to company for a long time has been Vivobarefoot. So I didn't really need another pair of minimalist shoes, but free is free, and here we are.

    I've worn these shoes about five times since winning the contest, when I normally would've worn flip flops. They are very comfortable, and pretty minimalist, in the sense that my foot enjoys full functionality and I still feel fairly close to the ground surfaces, albeit without the tactile stimulation of course. The look is pretty good, and different from anything Vivobarefoot offers, so it's a welcome addition when I do need to wear some footwear. Unlike some minimalist shoes, they don't look dorky at all. They look sharp and sporty, and will probably become my main shoe for casual contexts. They are cheaper than Vivobarefoot's shoes, but also feel less substantial. Whether or not they are as durable only time will tell. Vivobarefoot shoes last forever.

    In sum, these shoes are a welcome expansion to minimalist offerings--affordable, comfortable, and truly minimalist. Although I'm far from expert, Xero also seems to offer a wide range of styles not easily found in the minimalist world. I would happily recommend these to the barefoot/minimalist curious.
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