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    Oct 14, 2014
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    Hi guys,
    The fine folks here at BRS gave me a pair of Xero shoes Amuri Cloud to test out.
    Full disclosure, I don't write for any sort of athletic company or anything. No one pays me to do anything except sit at a desk all day and make video games. So maybe that will give you some idea of my athletic level. I've been running minimalist for a few years, but I don't go out often, so my marathon times are no threat to anyone's Boston qualifying times, if you know what I mean. I just go out and shuffle along and enjoy myself. Switching to "barefoot-style" running has, however, greatly increased my stamina and I run with no pain. My recovery times after a half marathon can be measured in minutes, not days. When I run, I've been wearing Luna sandals and liked them, but I haven't found them comfortable for walking. And so in my review, I'll sometimes be comparing the Luna sandal to the Amuri so that it gives you a better idea of my thoughts, as well at using TJ's guidlines.
    You can google the Amuri cloud to see it, or follow their link

    Ground Feel - Lots. You can feel pebbles through these. So, maybe not good for hiking over scrabbly trails, but I love them for walking all over town.

    Zero Drop - totally. These things are flat

    Flexibility - Very. The shoe is like a floppy piece of thin leather. No stiffness. Which is fine with me

    Toe Box - Plenty. Like any sandal, really

    Weight - uber light

    Comfort - sandals with straps between the toes have always dug into me weirdly. Probably something with the way I walk. That''s why I rarely wear them when out walking. But these are great. They follow my feet more comfortably than any between-the-toe-strap sandal ever has.

    Fit - like the lunas, there is very little to hold this sandal onto your feet. This is not for playing tennis or running parkour. That said, they fit well and don't flop around when walking

    Traction - no worries on pavement. Wet cobblestone streets here in Europe can be slippery, but I would say that about any shoe, I think. There is a little tread on these, but I wouldn't try any sort of muddy trail running in these sandals. But that's not what they are made for.

    Durability - so far so good. I wear them around the office, yank them on and off at home, walk all over town. It's only been a month, so hard to say for sure.

    Performance - I can walk most all day in these and still feel fine. They are comfortable at the beginning of the day and they don't lose any comfort throughout. I went for a short jog around my block, and they did not feel as comfortable as when walkiing. But of course, your foot does very different things when walking, comapred to running.

    Cross Training - I wouldn't try it. Like most really minimalist sandals, these don't feel like I could juke and cut sharp corners without my foot sliding off the footbed

    Design - nice. Simple, and effective. The buckles are smartly placed, so as to prevent anything digging into you.

    Aesthetics - Again, I like. I got the Brown on Black and at a glance, they almost look like leather. I think they are classy. Not formal footwear of course, but you could totally wear these to church in Florida.

    These are now my go-to sandals for walking around all day. Love èm. I'm not so sure they will replace the Lunas for running marathons, but I will adjust them a little and see if I can get them more comfortable for running.
    Thanks to all the guys at BRS for the chance to try these out, and to the guys at Amuri. You made a great sandal.
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