Here is the review for the Xero Shoes 360 I won at the September 2022 GiveAway contest.
I am a little late due to some health problems I just had two weeks ago ....

I already have a pair of Mesa Trail and HFS since two years so I’ll be comparing the 360 I won recently to these models I know very well. I won these Xero 360 at the BRS giveaway contest of August 2022. The sole of the Xero 360 is thicker as well as the in-sole resulting in more protection against the sharp stones. I have tested running 10K and it is OK to run on concrete and on dirt roads but I will not use them for trail, especially when mud and slippery stone are part of the picture. Stiffness of the upper going with more protection is very acceptable. I can replace my HFS with Xero 360 for my 10K runs on concrete and dirt roads when the sole of my feet is tired but will stay with the HFS for a race. I definitely feel that the stability of the Xero 360 is great and a perfect shoe for lifting or kettlebell workout. I was not able to test on rope climbing.

It is very difficult to clean the sole when you walk or run on slightly muddy terrain.Today I was obliged to use a tooth pick to remove the half dried mud from long and narrow lines approx 2mm deep and one to 3mm wide.

The mesh of the upper is extremely breathable and added synthetic leather protection zones do the job extremely well.

I haven’t tested the shoes during cold months and hope not to get cold feet because of the too breathable upper.

The laces are very well designed and once tied I feel confident they will not untie.

Nothing bad to report about these shoes.

While certainly heavier than the HFS the overweight is not a problem she running.

I like the look and the blue color I choose but this is personal feel.

Foot sole protection is excellent.

Traction is OK thanks to the rubbery material of the sole but this sole is not for bad outdoor conditions.

For indoor conditions the sole is perfect.

This shoe might be the perfect one for the person transitioning to minimalist running so the foot sole don’t get too much stress.

But to develop proprioception and strengthen the feet soles I recommend having also a pair of Xero Shoes HFS.

Finally I highly recommend the Xero Shoes 360

Best Regards
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