Xero 6mm contact review.

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    Mar 2, 2012
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    Sorry for the delay on the review, dealing with TOPF.

    Ground Feel: 3.5
    Zero Drop: 5
    Flexibility: 4.5
    Toe Box: n/a
    Comfort: 4
    Fit: 4.5
    Traction: 3
    Durability: 5 (5,000 mile warranty)
    Performance: 4
    Cross Training: n/a
    Design: 3.5
    Aesthetics: 3

    I've only ran 2 runs in them so far (1 mile and 2 miles), but they feel pretty natural. It didn't take long to hardly notice them being on (other then ground feel being muffled). Having never worn between the toe sandals I was worried about being irritated but during the two short runs there was no discomfort.
    As far as ground feel went, I could still feel cracks, chip and seal, and rocks, just slightly muted. There was no flapping of the front sole which was another concern I had had.
    I must say Xero Shoes were very quick with the order. I sent them my tracing via fax on a Thursday and received the Contacts on Saturday.
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