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Discussion in 'Chapters' started by hikerdana, May 6, 2017.

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    Each year the northern hemisphere conducts a winter challenge. We try and encourage people to go out and run/walk when the temperatures are below 10 degrees Celsius. We of the northern hemisphere would like to challenge those of you living south of the equator to join the fun.

    The introduction thread is here:

    The spreadsheet is here:

    Hope to see some of you joining us this year.
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    Hi Hikerdana,
    I do a little running and walking in the lower temperatures but I don't like running when the bottom of my feet are numb so I draw a limit on around 8C. When my feet are numb I can't be sure that I am landing correctly, I need that feeling.
    If it goes much below that then I'll drag out my vibrams just so I can get a run in rather than not. I did see some people on the forum that looked like they had early stages of frostbite from running in freezing conditions. That's not the challenge I'll be taking up.


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