Winter Challenge begins October 1st!

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    Everyone is welcome to participate, whether you run 1 mile or 500. Come and challenge yourself and run in the snow and cold. The challenge runs from Oct 1 2014 to April 1 2015. Our last day will be April Fools Day.

    1. Runs must be BAREFOOT
    2. Temperature with wind chill must be less than or equal to 50°F (10°C)
    3. Any run of 1/3 mile (0.5 km) can be counted
    4. Add your total distance and runs in the appropriate temperature range on the following spreadsheet:

    New this year!
    • Who can run the most miles on snow?
    • Increased the temperature range. All runs <= 50°F count
    • 30 mile penalty for each case of frostbite
    Add your runs, starting Oct 1st 2014.

    Wind Chill calculator
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