What Luna Sandals to Get?

Discussion in 'Gear & Footwear' started by hankgooch, Jul 23, 2013.


What Luna Sandals to get?

  1. Venado

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  2. Mono

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  3. Something Else?

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  1. hankgooch

    hankgooch Barefooters
    1. Idaho

    Jul 14, 2013
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    I am interested in getting some Luna Sandals and I am deciding between the Venado and the Mono?

    I like the idea of the thinner Venado (better ground feel) but the Mono seems like it will hold up better (less blow outs, etc).
    Also what footbed is the best?

    Any suggestions?
  2. PB Junkie

    PB Junkie Barefooters
    1. Idaho

    Oct 31, 2011
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    I have the Venados, monos, Leadville and Leadville pacer.

    I like the Venado, but with the smooth soles, you don't have much traction and they can be slick if its wet out.

    My favorites are my Leadvilles, but they're the old version without the MGT or leather footbed. I have about 350 miles on them and they're really molded to my feet.

    I recently got the monos and I used them just kicking around while camping. They're really nice if you're going to be in a really rocky area, but too thick for less arduous terrain IMO.

    For my every day runs, I use the Leadville Pacers with MGT footbed. I really like them, but find the MGT footbed a little stiff. But I only have 67 miles on them so they may still break in a bit.

    If it were me, I would get Leadville Pacers with the leather footbed, as long as you didn't anticipate them getting wet. Otherwise, get the MGT footbed.

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  3. NickW

    NickW Guest

    I have the Pacers, Originals, and the Monos. My favorites are the pacers and then the monos and lastly is the original. I used to always think thinner is better, but I have learned that this isn't always true. My pacers have a footbed (the original ats footbed) that isn't offered anymore which is too bad because I absolutely love it. My monos have the MGT footbed which is ok, but it really blistered up one of my feet because it was too sticky at first. My foot is hardening up now so the mgt is not a big deal now, but it hurt for the first couple weeks. My originals are naked top, also not offered anymore. I have had sandals in the past with a leather footbed and my next pair of sandals will have leather again. So much more comfy, just slicker in wet weather. You didn't mention laces, but I really prefer the newest iterations of the ATS laces. I also really like the traditional ribbon, but I seem to be getting lazy and gravitate to the ats laces just for ease.
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  4. Vampire

    Vampire Barefooters
    1. United Kingdom

    Apr 8, 2012
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    I have Venado's and agree totally. They're fine around town, to the beach, and for road or dry and well defined smooth trails. But there's no grip at all when things get wet/muddy, even on wet grass. If the surface is very rocky you'll get bruises through the thin material if you aren't careful.

    I'm probably going to get either Leadvilles or the new Oso's towards the end of the summer, for a bit of extra grip and padding as we go into Autumn/Winter.

  5. migangelo

    migangelo Chapter Presidents
    1. Oregon

    Jun 5, 2010
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    for wear or running? i have the O's(venados) and love them. don't really run in them too much anymore.

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