WE NEED YOUR HELP! And 2015 IBRD Tee Shirts Are NOW Available!

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    You can support YOUR club, AND get a really cool tee shirt at the same time! Good deal, right?! The 2015 International Barefoot Running Day tee shirts are available in our club store (once there, scroll down): http://www.zazzle.com/barefootrunnerssoc

    Keep in mind that you can choose the type of shirt (tank, muscle, short or long sleeve, etc.), the type of fabric (cotton, wicking, etc.), the color of your tee shirt fabric (the shirts display in the store as white, but you can choose black, pink, etc.,) and of course the size, etc.

    (You can also put this image or any image on any of the merchandise sold in the store, canvas bags, buttons, stickers, etc.). Just create your product and order it.

    So please, order yours soon, so you can have yours to wear on Sunday, May 3, 2015, IBRD Day!
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