Walk and Run For Life! - Shanghai

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    Lecture Video and Notes for Walk and Run For Life! Through Lever Mechanisms or Spring Mechanisms? (English)

    Presented at The 2012 Shanghai World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine

    This lecture was selected by the Chinese government for a live broadcast on the nation’s only internet news portal, the China Peoples Daily, with the capacity of over 100 million viewers. Only seven experts were chosen for the live broadcast, then after the lectures were done, we fielded questions from the audience as a panel of seven which was also broadcast live for the audience on China Peoples Daily.


    This is bound to be the largest audience to ever hear a lecture about the pros and cons of barefoot running.

    It has a lot of great content and research studies all in one place too.

    Shared by Dr. James Stoxen, DC, (BRS’s Ask the Docs forum doctor)

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