Wakulla Springs State park

Discussion in 'Chapters' started by mokaman, Apr 12, 2011.

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    Anyone ever ran there ? Its near tallahassee Fl., I'm thinking about attempting my first Ultra run there in early Dec. if the pavement is good enough. Its along ways off but I thought I should see if anyone knows what the pavement might be like there? roughness?

    Here is the course map link http://www.tallahasseeultra.com/Index.html
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    Hey Moka,My husband ran the

    Hey Moka,

    My husband ran the last ultra in 2010 and he had a blast. It was his first! It's a very flat race from what I know and there is definitely some chip and seal but for the most part it's asphalt. Not nice, pretty, smooth asphalt, but not chip and seal. Hubby is not a barefoot runner but I'll ask him about the course, if he remembers.

    If you've never been to Wakulla Springs I highly recommend checking it out; it's beautiful and there are lots of trails around the park you could run on (unfortunately last year the ultra didn't utilise any of the trails though).

    I'll get back to you on what the hubby says.

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