VT/Jay Peak - Jay Peak trail Running Festival (Barefoot Division)

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    Date: Sat 09/03/11 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT
    Link: Jay Peak trail Running Festival (Barefoot Division)

    While there are 3 levels of 5K's, ANYONE can do these. For beginners, you may walk some, but that's alright in our book....for you hard core trail running nuts, well these races will earn your respect too.

    Race Descriptions:

    • Green Circle: This race has minimal elevation (you are on a ski slope afterall) and is minimally technical. This is a race where a beginner can get their feet wet (no pun intended) into the trail racing scene and where the trail running experts can pound out a respectable time. Maps will be linked HERE in the next week or so.
    • Blue Square: This race gains more elevation but is still minimally technical (you'll have to watch a few spots). This course has some amazing views and of course, you will never be too far away from a fuel station.
    • Black Diamond: This race is something everyone CAN do.....however, there may be some of you who will have to walk some parts of this. Your quads will hate you towards the end, but you will have earned serious bragging rights until 2012 if you complete this. Experts will work hard and earn their time....beginners, just complete it and enjoy the views! The race director has run this course several times and survived (although he admits it wasn't his fastest 5K ever)...so it can be done.
    again....maps for all 3 will be posted asap.


    • Top 3 M & F
    • Top 3 M & F barefoot
    • Top 3 Fastest Combined (3 races) Times M & F
    • ALL participants who run ALL 3 5K's will earn the coveted (it will be after this year) Triple Medallion Medal. This is an award so awesome, that your town might even have a parade for you when you arrive home.

    • $20 for one race
    • $35 for two races
    • $50 for all 3 races
    Yes, there will be race day registration, but there will be no multi race discounts that day.



    Green Circle: 8:30 am
    Blue Square: 9:30 am
    Black Diamond : 11:15 am

    See full weekend schedule here

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