VivoBarefoot Primus Lite III Review

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Mark Halstead, Mar 23, 2023.

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    I have been wearing the VivoBarefoot Primus Lite III for the last month. It is lite on the foot and does provide some sideway support. The shoe laces need to be double tied as they come loose easily.

    During a trip to Florida to do an audit on one of our company’s plants, I walked more miles on the airport days. My left foot was feeling a discomfort on top that my right foot was not. I found that the laces were looser on the right shoe. I loosened the laces throughout the entire lace and removed the insoles from both shoes. This solved the issue. This is my recommendation if anyone has the same issue.

    I recommend this shoe for daily wear when shoes are necessary. I like mine so much, I bought the new Primus Lite Knit as it should be more permeable to air flow and more breathable.
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    Very good. Thank you!
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    My kids wore Primus shoes for many years. A fantastic shoe!

    Unfortunately, within the last year or two, they've decided they like Nike and Adidas.
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