Visit from an Old Barefoot Friend and Alpine Shop Trail Run Series

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    The group here in St Louis got a quick meetup in this past week!

    Barefoot Terry from Georgia reached out that he was going to be coming through town and was looking to meetup for a run.

    I had the perfect run for him as there was a trail running series happening at Castlewood State Park. It was the fourth run of a series and was one of the toughest!

    We weren't barefoot with the rough terrain but we certainly put down some effort!

    I wore my huaraches as I usually do at this park and had a few issues which I think held Terry back and out of 1st place for his age group! He hung back to run with me so I thank him for that!

    Congrats to Terry as he placed 3rd in his age group!

    I hope to see him out this way again, maybe in August for the summer trail run series.... bring a sweatband, that tends to be a brutally hot one!

    Here are some pictures and more details on the race:

    Run recap:

    Total Results:

    Age Results:


    Barefoot Jim
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    Good running with you again!
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    Hey Jim,

    Sorry I missed this race but I was running barefoot on the beach in Florida. I ran 16 miles on the beach barefoot. I did 2 miles on the road. I am glad I was able to meet you on the earlier race.

    For this race, last week, I bought some trail VFF and they were great. The St. Louis roads are really tough compared to what I did in Florida.
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