VIDEO-MOVIE TRAILER: Meet the Tarahumara Tribe in Mexico in 'The Infinite Race' Doc Trailer

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    Meet the Tarahumara Tribe in Mexico in 'The Infinite Race' Doc Trailer
    By First Showing

    Running is our resistance. Our resistance to imposition. It's a big part of our identity." ESPN has debuted an official trailer for the documentary titled The Infinite Race, the latest offering as part of their fantastic "30 for 30" series. It is a documentary based upon the reclusive Tarahumara tribe in Mexico, in what has become known as the greatest race the world has never seen. To continue reading, please visit:

    Meet the Tarahumara Tribe in Mexico in 'The Infinite Race' Doc Trailer
    First Showing
    Here's the official trailer for Bernardo Ruiz's doc The Infinite Race, direct from ... Soon, people all over the world were wearing barefoot-style shoes.

    30 for 30 Documentary "The Infinite Race" to Premiere December 15 on ESPN and ESPN Deportes
    The Futon Critic
    ... the story of the Tarahumara, an indigenous community in Mexico, famed for their legendary running ability, and their preference for running barefoot, ...

    ESPN's 'The Infinite Race' Explores Darker Story of Mexico's Legendary Tarahumara Runners
    While the story of the indigenous runners drove the sale of barefoot-style shoes and encouraged people from all over to run ultramarathons, Ruiz's ...

    This New Film Debunks the Tarahumara Myth
    Outside Magazine
    She regards the barefoot running industry as an insult—an attempt to profit off a misconception that the Tarahumara run with minimalist sandals because ...
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    great trailer.
    I don;t know that I can watch that in the UK, but I hope it's seen by a lot of people
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    I saw this documentary recently. I'm familiar with the story and with caballo blanco. the documentary goes more into the ongoing issues that the raramuri face with the cartels, and being displaced by the cartels. There's interviews with raramuri and other mexicans about the copper canyon races and the influence of foreigners. Everyone should watch it
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