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    Vibram FiveFingers KMD LS are my long distance barefoot shoe of choice. In fact, they're also my short distance shoe of choice! They are fun shoes and have helped me grow in my enthusiasm for running, keeping me on the road for longer, running further.

    The KMD Sport LS were recommended to me as a road runner. I had been running in Bikilas, which are Vibram markets for the road, but some are of the opinion that the KMD s are better. I am inclined to agree, but have enjoyed running in both.

    I was able to transition to these without any concern. The shoe was comfortable and fitted appropriately. The LS, or zip/speed laces, allow you to control how snuggly your shoe fits. Initially I had some blister issues in the velcro VFF; but not in these.

    The shoes are not waterproof. I dislike running through puddles and getting one or two toes wet but I don't mind at all running through downpours and streams. When these shoes do get wet, they tend to mould around your feet and fit like a custom-made glove. The shoes do not become heavy and dry quickly. Running in water is a pleasure. Having one toe wet is irritating.

    The ground feel is excellent. Thanks to the individual toe pockets, your feet are able to splay and adjust to the ground. I find my feet are far happier running in these. The sole sits at 4mm. This is a comfortable thickness, although I have noticed some wear in the toe area - an area I seem to kick off from in my stride. I will be watching this carefully, but generally it seems that VFF last runners far longer than traditional shod shoes, making these a good investment.

    At only 140 grams these shoes are light. I've worn heavier socks in my time! They breathe reasonably well through the stretchy fabric, although these shoes also suffer from the Vibram stench. Keeping on top of this by simply throwing them in the washing machine and air drying them has been an easy task. After a long run, all my gear, including the shoes, go straight in the washing machine and come out as good as new.

    I have been able to wear these up to marathon distance and have found them comfortable and thankfully light. I am not a light person myself, so wearing minimalist shoes goes a long way. Literally.

    I have taken these out on the trails before but am not such a fan of them. The Spyridon, Vibram's first trail shoe, comes with a "moulded nylon mesh midsole provides impact protection from stones and debris".
    This goes a long way to protecting the inside of your foot, which the KMD does not. The KMD works well in mud, water and on light trails, but would not take it on technical trails. Having said that, I find the KMD more flexible - especially around the toe area, which a wonderful comfort when running on the road.

    I also wear these to work and around the shops. I don't like them on the beach; who likes shoes on the beach? I also find it tricky to get the sand out of all the toe pockets.

    The look: these look great! I have a pair in coral and another in gray/pink. I far prefer the coral. The laces also give the shoe a little more of a traditional shoe look. I don't mind answering questions on my VFF, but sometimes it's nice for my toes to travel incognito!

    These shoes have boosted my enthusiasm for running and have helped shave valuable seconds off my time. In fact, I knocked 20 minutes off my last marathon. I can't say whether that's due to the shoe, but my genuine love for the shoe and the brand has certainly helped get me out on the road more often; running further and faster!

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