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    This review is taken from my blog: runwhatmay.com - Wokova Feather Review

    Last year, I tried making my own huaraches using the typical 4mm Vibram Cherry and some nylon cord. And, although they turned out well, I just wasn't happy with the strap between my toes, the knot, and the fussy lacing - even after trying several methods and eventually, the no-toe-strap mod suggested by one crafty person. I considered pre-fab alternatives, but was fairly well convinced that all would leave me similarly disappointed.

    So, this past spring I was thrilled to see a new shoe in the works by Terral Fox at Unshoes Minimal Footwear - a no-toe-strap huarache called the Pah Tempe. As the wait for the perfected-design began to stretch toward summer, I noticed that Unshoes had released a new version of their original shoe - this one, the Wokova Feather. Desperate for a great minimal summer sandal (not a flip-flop!), I ordered a pair and snail-mailed tracings of my feet to Terral...

    The Wokova Feather is an ultra-light, super-flexible version of the Wokova. Instead of traditional huarache cord, it uses a unique quick-adjust strap combined with an elastic loop to allow fast, set-it-and-forget-it slip-on access and comfort & security throughout a range of activities (thanks to the elastic).

    Even though I've typically found myself annoyed by the toe straps on huaraches and flip-flops, I have to say that it's NEVER been an issue for me with these shoes. I worried that the strap might be even more annoying than a round cord - perhaps "cutting" between my toes - but, no. Even when I tried running in them, the strap went unnoticed.

    The sole of the Feather is 5mm Vibram Newflex - much softer and more rubbery than Vibram Cherry, with traction ribs on the outsole and a velvety finish on the insole. And, the sole - by the way - is yet another area where Unshoes has introduced innovation. Somehow, they've found a way to eliminate the between-the-toe knot! Well, technically, it's still there, but they've managed to recess it into the soling - thin as it is - resulting in a smooth, flat surface under foot.

    Recessed Strap (on a sole with several months of wear!)

    Frankly, between the strap system and the recessed knot, these aren't just Unshoes, they're unhuaraches!

    I've been wearing these shoes for the past 3+ months and they're still going strong. One concern might be the softness of the Newflex sole - I suspect it may not be as durable as Cherry, but I can't say... I'm not an huarache runner. I've tried - but I've always wound up with hotspots from the friction of my bare feet and the rubber soles. (Yeah - it's undoubtedly a form issue [even though I don't have this problem running barefoot]. And, I'm just not interested in spending my time working on huarache form - I have enough other interests and issues!) All I can tell you is these shoes have held up fabulously to daily wear around town and should be good for many years to come.

    Ready for Fall?

    Now, I'm trying to figure out if I can wear them through the fall and winter... what do you think?

    Bottom Line
    The Unshoes Wokova Feather is my go-to summer-time shoe whenever I can't be bare and another type of shoe isn't required... They make my feet smile!

    Makes Me Happy
    • Easy on-off and adjustability
    • Velvety soft soles with no annoying plasticky feel or sound when walking
    • Recessed toe knot
    • No saggy, flopping sole - the whole shoe just hovers around my foot, matching every movement
    Not So Much
    • Brings out the clutz in me when walking on carpeted surfaces
    PS - the Pah Tempe (no-toe-strap design) has become available from Unshoes. (I haven't tried them yet because I'm just so happy with the Wokova Feathers!)

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