Tyler's Mud Walk

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    Tyler's Mud Walk

    By Tyler J L

    One of my favorite places to walk barefoot at is Fort Des Moines Park. The walking trail was brand new and I thought it was great to check out. I experienced a lot of sensations while walking barefoot on the trail. I felt rocks, tree bark, and a whole lot more. I went there when a part of the trail had a lot of mud on it. I could feel the mud sift between my toes and that was the best experience of my barefoot life but the next time I went there was a real treat. This was definitely one of my favorite times I went on a barefoot walk. It was June 20, 2014 at Fort Des Moines Park. It had rained overnight and there was a lot of mud on the trail and I never had the feeling of walking on a trail that was entirely muddy so this was a perfect opportunity. I drove out to Fort Des Moines Park and went on the walking trail was wet and squishy with mud as I predicted. It was so muddy I even made footprints. I walked around the whole trail with virtually no shoes and I had mud sticking to the bottoms of my feet it was the best feeling ever! My feet felt softer because of the mud.

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