Two 10 kms races

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    Two 10 kms races
    By Visions of Asia

    I lack a bit of time to always write about my barefoot activities (I am very late for reporting on my trip to Korea on my own blog), but January saw an uptick with barefoot running.

    In fact, I participated in two barefoot races of 10 K each.
    While the first was not much to write home about, as I was running after spending a whole week freezing by -14° in Korea (and obviously not running), I was not perfectly prepared. Anyway, being the BMW I electfying race (ok, whatever the name), the race took place roughly at the same place as my first race.

    The terrain being extra flat helps you to keep your performance standards, without exhausting yourself. Despite this, my 10 K ended in 1h, which is slightly disappointing but expected.


    The second race took place at roughly the same place, about two weeks later. I did make more efforts in running uphill and trying to get in some more mileage. This seems to have paid off, as I beat both my own records on 5 k and 10 k (28 mins and 56 mins). Still nothing to boast about, but at least I feel some progression.

    In general, approach is rather positive, one guy even slowing down to tell me it was "awesome".


    In the meantime, I tried to keep up the momentum with running (and hiking too, as after the race was over, I went on to a barefoot hike).

    However, after one of my latest hikes, some patellar pain has appeared at the front of my right knee (the unoperated knee), so I guess hiking is out of consideration for some time now. Running, for now, is still possible, with no discomfort, but I can't help but be worried, obviously (as I had already an ACL reconstruction on left knee after a karate accident).
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    Finishing times don't matter much to me. I'm impressed that you are out and about. Being able to continue on after knee pain, karate injury, hiking pain, is what least you're keeping on keeping on.

    I've mirrored your report to the home page. Thanks for sharing!
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    Congrats V of A...
    Nice report too...:)
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